Magic Sudoku

Solve sudoku like magic with the power of AR. Available now for iOS!

Now available in the App Store.

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Place an unsolved sudoku puzzle in a well-lit space.



Look at it through your phone with the Magic Sudoku app.


And Voila!

The puzzle will be magically solved right before your eyes!

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Video of the augmented reality Sudoku solver in action:

Magic Sudoku FAQs

What is Magic Sudoku?
Magic Sudoku is an app that solves sudoku puzzles in realtime.
How does it work?
Our AR sudoku solver uses computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality to seamlessly identify, process, and solve sudokus and place them back into the real world.
What is augmented reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that uses your phone's camera and sensors to layer information on top of a view of the real world. AR enhances your view of reality with digital content (in our case, the view through your phone's screen shows a world where your blank sudoku puzzle is has already been solved).
Will it work with my phone?
Magic Sudoku uses a new technology in Apple's iOS11 operating system called ARKit. ARKit requires an A9 chip to function which means it's only compatible with iPhone (6S or newer) and iPad Pro.

We are investigating whether we will be able to use Google's ARCore to port the app to Android in the future; if you're interested in receiving updates please subscribe to our email list!
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