Magic Sudoku FAQ

Why would I want this?
Version 1 of Magic Sudoku is mostly a neat tech-demo. It's a preview of a future world where we will all have "Terminator vision". In the future we will be able to look at things and they will automatically transform into a more useful state.

For now, Magic Sudoku can only solve empty Sudoku puzzles. In the near future we will add useful features that will make paper sudoku puzzles more fun to play (for example: reading your handwriting to check completed puzzles to make sure you got the answer right).

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Haven't other apps been doing this for years?
Sudoku solvers aren't new. They've been around since at least 2011 when Google released Google Googles.

What is unique about Magic Sudoku is that it combines computer vision with augmented reality to create a magical experience. There are no buttons, screens, or dialogs. You just point your phone at a sudoku and it is instantly solved.

This foundation will enable us to build some awesome features that wouldn't have been possible before!
Why isn't it working on my puzzle?
This is a complicated question. We're continually working to improve the app and add support for new puzzle layouts and fonts and to fix bugs.

That said, there are a few things you can try to give the app the best chance at working.
  • Be sure you are in a room with good lighting
  • Get better tracking by "scanning" the room with your phone by slowly looking around with the camera before trying to solve a puzzle.
  • Ensure there is plenty of space between your puzzle and the edge of the paper (or any surrounding text)
  • Try moving your camera slightly closer or farther away from the puzzle to get better focus; it doesn't need to be exactly aligned with the grid.
I've tried all of that and it's still not working!
Sorry! Sometimes our algorithm isn't up to the task. Oftentimes it's because the puzzle you are scanning is different from the ones that we trained our learning algorithm on. The good news is that it's often an easy fix on our end to add more data to train the computer's model better for the next time.

Please message our support team at with a photo of your puzzle and some details like the where you got the puzzle and what type of iPhone you are using and we will do our best to fix it in the next version.
I'm a member of the media, can I write about you?
Sure thing, please contact us at and we will hook you up with a media kit. Our founder, Brad Dwyer, is also available to answer your questions.
Can I buy you a beer? This app is worth way more than you're charging!
Thanks, we're flattered. But we'd much prefer you just give us a 5-star rating and a good review in the App Store! It really helps us get the word out about the app. Thanks in advance!
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